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Mission | Global SOF Foundation


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The Global SOF Foundation (GSF) is the only professional association for the special operations community with members from over 50 countries. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, incorporated in the State of Florida, that advocates for all aspects of Special Operations Forces development, employment, and sustainment in the fight to defeat globally networked threats. The GSF leads an international effort to increase understanding of Special Operations; advance SOF capabilities; and responsibly promote the role of Special Operations by strategically linking public and private sector initiatives.

Specifically, the GSF:

  • Convenes a diverse set of stakeholders interested in the future of global SOF and security through unique networking opportunities and strategic, thought-provoking forums as well distributed media
    • Regular networking events in the U.S. and overseas
    • Annual Global SOF Forums and Symposia held in the U.S. and overseas
    • Regular newsletters, unique website content, and other distributed media
  • Educates global policymakers in order to ensure SOF maintain a comparative advantage and are resourced for success
  • Serves as the “go to” SOF organization outside of military and government, with a plan to establish a “think team” (as opposed to a think tank) in Washington, D.C. focused on the study of SOF and asymmetric warfare
  • Works to identify cutting-edge technologies; future concepts; and innovations in training and education in order to advance the current and future force, and support international SOF partners
  • Supports SOF personnel as they transition to civilian employment through SOF for Life